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overall overall 24hr
1. Pro Unlucker  10,069,762

2. Gerard  9,709,860

3. Workinoncomp  8,957,059

4. Bslab  8,730,760

5. Gucci  8,106,648

6. Daan  7,922,783

7. Sweet Nights  7,845,740

8. Tejax  7,830,587

9. Wisely Done  7,794,086

10. Embah  7,784,514

overall overall 7d
1. Nk  190,696,122

2. Evict  103,212,911

3. Wisely Done  71,278,428

4. Gerard  60,531,981

5. Bslab  57,183,765

6. Pro Unlucker  56,542,387

7. Gucci  51,398,368

8. Sweet Nights  50,172,148

9. Online  49,660,460

10. No Xpwaste  49,417,229

overall overall 31d
1. Useless  1,527,604,660

2. Grimm  1,074,865,384

3. Snugly  907,535,603

4. Hippy  552,082,926

5. Spineless  507,910,455

6. Hatin  259,852,780

7. Wisely Done  240,212,010

8. Bslab  227,957,151

9. Makkara  219,632,202

10. Cresbot  216,124,127

RuneTracker News

June 28th '14:

Thank you for your patience during our scheduled downtime. This upgrade gives us the capacity to store 100 million more data points! Yay stats!

May 18th '14:

The sorting on the groups page by members, exp gains (weekly, monthly, daily) as well as the Change-flags function in the List Admin page are now functional.

February 21st '14:

The current Double Exp weekend has been added to the events page and all records gained this weekend will be recorded there! Normal Daily Records for Feb 21st cut off at 12 PM GMT. Good luck from Runetracker, and have fun this weekend!

June 2nd '13:

I just wanted to share the progress I have made so far on group tracking. The ability to create and edit groups is complete, including a way that the list admin can allow others to be able to edit the list. Today I finally found the time to add something that may serve as a bit of useful information; you can see the total gains of the people in your list for the three basic timeframes. More customizability of the timeframe will come in the future, as well as viewing by different skills and different ways of ordering the list. After that I will look at support for group-vs-group competitions and rankings!

About RuneTracker

RuneTracker allows RuneScape players to track their progress over time, giving players an innovative way to track their progress in the game. Users can also compare themselves with others in our Top 42 and Record tables!

Data for this website comes from the RScript project. If you use RuneScript Stats Bot regularly, this website should have your data already. Otherwise, simply enter your name in the lookup box on the top of the page, and we'll get you started! Update your stats in our database by clicking any of the "Update Now!" buttons found on this site for your RuneScape name. The use of this website is completely free, and we encourage any suggestions or ideas for new features and updates; simply post on our bug tracker!

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Current Statistics:
Week's Users: 37,182
Total Users Logged: 3,052,305
Total Data Points Logged: 52,902,884

Name Change Queue: 259

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