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overall overall 24hr
1. Smoke Up  12,479,277

2. Piazza  12,099,568

3. Olympiacos  8,967,550

4. Evitaerci  8,193,337

5. Knownmanip  7,934,508

6. Loppuvastus  7,371,668

7. Nindrol  7,094,402

8. Teww  6,447,851

9. Cutester  5,811,924

10. Sagiri  5,710,825

overall overall 7d
1. Jose Return  125,234,445

2. Rekas Lt  105,469,771

3. Piazza  76,067,615

4. Data Science  52,632,365

5. Ar U There  46,018,199

6. God Goku  45,607,371

7. Barge  42,511,140

8. Flem  42,506,888

9. Gl Xd  40,023,957

10. Cutester  39,361,838

overall overall 31d
1. Deuce  2,205,586,235

2. Accept  854,933,540

3. Apocalypse  662,649,646

4. Scg  595,023,928

5. Mitchos  465,835,875

6. Jose Return  456,518,526

7. Iron Perse  349,513,275

8. Rasil  316,212,499

9. Zalttar  295,822,931

10. Halp  230,993,889

RuneTracker News

May 21st '17:

The Double XP Weekend has been added to the events page! Also pages have been added. Don't know why the heck we didn't have them all this time. Good luck and have fun!

September 24th '16:

The Bonus Exp Weekend has been added to the events page. We're a day late adding it but the gains you've already had will be automatically counted in the event when you update your stats!

February 26th '16:

The GameBlast16 Bonus Exp Weekend has been added to the events page. Have fun this weekend and make some records!

January 25th '16:

The Invention skill has been added to RuneTracker's interfaces. As always, we automatically start tracking new skills so your existing gains are already recorded. We have not yet implemented the new experience curve for Invention, but we will do so soon!

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